Word Tips and Shortcuts

The following is a collection of quick tips and fixes that I have found useful over the course of my career, when working with MS Word.  Most of these refer to Word 2010, but will often work with older and newer versions.

I’ll just keep adding and updating these as I use them. Just click the little icon beside each tip for more information. Hope you find them useful too!

Do you need to print or view a list of the current styles used in your document, with a brief summary of the each style’s characteristics?

This is the simplest technique I have found. Love to know if there are other better methods.

  1. Choose File> Print.
  2. In the Settings drop-down list, select Styles.
  3. In your Printer drop-down list, select PDF. ( I usually select PDF since the output list of styles can be quite large).
  4. Click Print to generate a PDF file with a list of styles used in your document.


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