Who We Are

Rowan Tree Books specializes in the development and delivery of technical documentation for a broad range of industries (software, airlines, energy, oil and gas, medical, pharmaceutical, waterworks, and operations). We provide the full spectrum of documentation services from managing a full team of writers to editing, and single document production.

Who we areWe have produced standard operating procedures (SOPs), online help systems, user manuals, “getting started” guides, etc.¬†We believe in integrating single-sourcing methods into all our projects.

Rowan Tree Books was founded in 1993, and bases its business on a few simple goals:

  • To communicate information clearly and concisely.
  • To write top-quality documentation that meets our users’ needs.
  • To conduct business ethically and professionally.



Who we areWho We Are…

We are a team of information analysts, technical communicators, instructional designers, editors, and project managers who are dedicated to helping people get their work done by providing the information they require. We bring:

  • 28 years of progressive experience as an information architect, technical writer, manager, trainer, and computer programmer/system analyst.
  • Outstanding expertise in information architecture, business analysis, project planning, and design for all documentation media (online, hard-copy, and web).
  • Exceptional online help, document design, writing, and editing skills demonstrated from project inception to completion.
  • Exceptional information analysis and project planning.

Our expertise…

We specialize in working with our clients to first assess and identify their documentation and business requirements, and then to find and deliver the best solution that meets their business needs.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Information Architecture
  • Business and Process Analysis
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Documentation Project Planning
  • Documentation Design and Development
  • Online Help Design and Development
  • Web Site Design and Development
  • Documentation Course Development and Product Training
  • Technical Analysis and Software Development
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • User Interface Design