Project Costs

Estimating Project Costs

Estimating Project CostsProject costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, the technical resources required, and upon the selected delivery medium (hardcopy, online, web).

Each project is unique, and may cost less or cost more.

We estimate actual project costs during our Design and Analysis phase. We use this phase to review your project needs, evaluate your currently available information, determine your user requirements, and then use this information to generate time and cost estimates for your specific project requirements.

We Reduce Costs By…

We work hard to complete your project within your approved budget and within our project estimate.

We always notify you when scope changes have an impact on the estimated costs, allowing you to make intelligent, informed choices as we develop your information system.

In addition, we reduce your costs by:

  • Using our staff, our planning, our equipment, and our tested and proven procedures to deliver excellent documentation, on time, and within scope.
  • Removing your need to maintain a permanent documentation team.
  • Bringing your documents into our office for processing.
  • Providing expertise in all areas of the documentation field.