Our Clients in the Software Industry

Our clients in the software industry include:

Quorum Information Systems

This complex project required extensive documentation and business process analysis for their flagship product – XSELLERATOR – a software application developed for use by GM dealerships. The product provided all the features and processes needed to handle all the activities that occur in a GM dealership. It required extensive information analysis, process mapping, user documentation, and standardization of information tools.

  • Managed, coordinated, and organized team of writers through the development, research, analysis, and production phases of this project.
  • Performed information and needs analysis to determine documentation needs, and to identify business process flow of information through the XSELLERATOR application. This included the following key modules: Parts, Sales, Services, Accounting.
  • Conducted a series of brainstorming worksessions for each module of XSELLERATOR (Parts, Sales, Services, Accounting). Captured the business process flow of information through each module, and identified key roles about who must perform each activity.
  • Developed comprehensive business process flowcharts. These process flows have been very well received, and are now used extensively by senior management, marketing, training (internal and external), software developers, and technical support. These process flows have assisted Quorum in better communicating the extensive capabilities of its products to GM, Dealerships, and internal team members.
  • Wrote over 130 Quickstart guides providing step-by-step instructions for using the XS application. These Quickstarts served as the starting point, and template, for future quickstarts that will be written.
  • Developed online help system documenting Network Support group’s tasks and activities. Performed all business analysis, design, and production tasks involved in the production of this system. Provided training and support for ongoing maintenance and upgrade of this documentation system by internal staff.
  • Redesigned Quorum video tutorials to include a more standardized and logical structure, better introduction, navigational cues, clearer graphics, and better corporate identity. The new design has been incorporated into all subsequently created training videos.
  • Developed and managed a detailed project tracking database to track production, edit, review, and integration of changes to quickstarts, through multiple writers, and multiple reviewers. These databases continue to be used in Quorum, and have become vital tools for tracking Quickstart development and status.
  • Developed standards and guidelines, templates, and style-sheets for use in both the hardcopy documentation, as well as in their video tutorials. These standards have been accepted into all levels of user documentation, and have received very positive reviews from clients, users, technical support, and management.

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Visio, Robohelp, Microsoft Excel.

Date: 2005 – 2006

Location: Calgary, Alberta

QC Data

This company needed documentation to support their Electronic Data Archive (EDA)  project. We assisted them by:

  • Managing and coordinating a team of writers in developing, writing, and producing documentation for the EDA project. Acting as editor for all manuals produced by our team.
  • Performing information and needs analysis for the EDA project.
  • Conducting interactive, information gathering worksessions to scope and determine content requirements for System Design Manual, Operations Manual, Standard Operating Procedures (OPDs, WI, and EHDs), Installation and Configuration Manual, EDA User Manual, and EDA Administrators Manual.
  • Collaborating with the client to develop the prototype for EDA User Interface using Dreamweaver, HTML, and Javascript. Created the 600+ page User Specifications – Programmers Reference Guide to document all interface elements, their interactions, dependencies, and requirements.
  • Working with our team of writers to produce over ten manuals within a one year period.
  • Working with the client experts to collect information for all manuals, and acted as editor for all manuals written by writers.

Tools Used: Word, Visio 2000, Fireworks, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Dreamweaver.

Date: 2001 – 2002

Location: Calgary, Alberta

TLN Business Systems

TLN Business Systems needed an online help system and users guides for their EMT! software. Even with tight time restrictions, we successfully completed this project by:

  • Planning, developing, and designing an online help system for their EMT! software product.
  • Working within extremely short time frame (2 months) to research, document, test, and deliver system.
  • Designing and editing EMT! Users Guide using Framemaker 6.0. Single-sourced material from online help, and supervising and guiding writers on this project.
  • Supervising and training other writers for this project.

Tools Used: RoboHelp, Microsoft Word, MS Paintbrush, Visio 2000, Adobe Framemaker 6.0.

Date: 1999 – 2001

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Replicon Inc.

Replicon offers the leading web timesheet software to track employee time and project time. We developed several different documents to complement the Web TimeSheet software, and we successfully completed them by:

  • Conducting design/analysis worksessions to discover and detail business processes for Web TimeSheet.
  • Designing and prototyping templates and table of contents for Web TimeSheet.
  • Supervising, editing, and writing content for the Administrators Getting Started Guide for Web Timesheet.
  • Converting manuals to an online format for distribution on the Internet.

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageStyler, Visio 2000, Adobe Acrobat.

Date: 1999 – 2000

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Richer Systems Group

Richer Systems Group (RSG) provides ERP, Asset Management and Maintenance systems and software to the Fleet Management Industry. They required our help in documenting many of their business procesess. We assisted them by:

  • Working with our team of writers to conduct a detailed analysis of their entire Fleet Management product suite.
  • Conducting detailed analysis to develop a documentation plan detailing their current documentation needs, priorities, and possible delivery methods.
  • Developing and delivering detailed table of contents (TOCs) showing the implementation process for each product module (9 TOCs in total).
  • Developing a business plan of action for documenting the implementation process for the RSG product suite.
  • Researching and developing detail process flowcharts showing the implementation process for each module.
  • Working with our team of writers to research and generate the first manual, Fuel Tax and Fuel Billing, as a prototype of projected deliverables.

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, Adobe Framemaker, Visio 2000, Adobe ImageStyler, Adobe Acrobat.

Date: 1999 – 2000

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Paradigm Geophysical

Paradigm provides exploration and production software for every stage in the oil and gas exploration and production process. They required an online documentation system for this software. We developed this online system by:

  • Managing and coordinating a team of writers in developing, writing, and producing documentation for their exploration and production software.
  • Designing, testing, and developing an online documentation system and ported existing documentation to this system.
  • Editing, rewriting, and converting over 1000 pages of text to the new online system within a 2.5 month period.
  • Working with Paradigm developers and international experts to develop release notes, updates to the online system, and other smaller documentation tasks.

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, Adobe Framemaker, Visio, Adobe ImageStyler, Adobe Acrobat.

Date: 1998 – 1999

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Tragoes Inc.

Tragoes required manuals for their software RightsMarket, as well as assistance in creating an effective presentation for an upcoming conference. We did this by:

  • Designing and producing a multimedia production for presentation at Comdex 1997. Managing a team of artists, multimedia specialists, and writers.
  • Designing, researching, and writing the manuals Consumer’s Guide to the RightsMarket and the Operator’s Guide to the RightsMarket.
  • Designing and producing large posters showing the functionality of the RightsMarket for use at trades-shows and demonstrations.

Tools Used: Adobe Framemaker 5.1, Microsoft Word, Visio, Hyperstudio, Adobe Photoshop.

Date: 1997

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Enhance Systems Inc.

Enhance Systems needed a variety of documentation to improve their business processes. We developed them by:

  • Designing and writing Needs Analyses, White Papers, and Business Policies for Client/Server technology specialists.
  • Converting the documents to PDF format for electronic distribution.

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat suite.

Date: 1996 – 1997

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Cognos Inc.

This company required online versions of their manuals as well as an online help system. Our team at Rowan Tree Books successfully accomplished these tasks by:

  • Creating PDF files for electronic distribution of manuals.
  • Editing and compiling online help.

Tools Used: Adobe Acrobat suite, RoboHelp.

Date: 1997

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Harris Canada

Harris Canada needed help determining the best way to document business processes. We assisted them by:

  • Designing and delivering online help and online documentation prototype to demonstrate possible online strategies for Harris’ massive documentation set.

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, WinHelp, Adobe FrameMaker, FrameReader.

Date: 1995

Location: Calgary, Alberta

GUPTA Technologies Inc.

GUPTA Technologies required online help systems for 3 software product lines. We developed many different types of documents in different languages to complement their software by:

  • Designing, programming, and writing four new Windows online help systems for the product lines QuestReportWindows, and SQLWindows. These are comprehensive multi-file help systems that are the major source of information for each of these products.
  • Designing and producing new manuals for the products SQLWindowsQuest, and ReportWindows. Writing user guides, technical references, training manuals, tutorials, and marketing style Solutions guides).
  • Evaluating and improving usability of each product including the design of friendly and consistent user interfaces for the Quest and ReportWindows product lines while working closely with programmers, system designers, and quality assurance groups.
  • Producing the SQLWindows Video Workbook, a training manual, complete with detailed exercises as a companion guide to the video training course. Coordinating with translators in Europe and Japan to translate manuals and help systems to various languages.
  • Maintaining and organizing all translation documents for easy access and duplication.

Tools Used: Word for Windows, Word for Macintosh, FrameMaker, SuperPaint, Intellidraw, DoDot, Photoshop, SQLWindows, Quest, SQLBase, and ReportWindows.

Date: 1990 – 1993

Location: Menlo Park, California

XA Systems Corporation

This company needed help setting up a new Training and Educational Services Department. We did this by:

  • Developing enrollment and record-keeping procedures.
  • Evaluating effectiveness of existing training programs, and modifying and upgrading them as required.
  • Creating new course material for major product lines.
  • Maintaining Training Department schedules, classes, etc.
  • Training in-house personnel on technical products.

Date: 1989 – 1990

Location: Los Gatos, California

Keyword Office Systems

Rowan Tree Books helped set up a new Documentation Department for Keyword Office Systems by:

  • Establishing new Documentation Department for the production of both in-house and customer support products.
  • Organizing, integrating, and centralizing information resources in the company.
  • Creating new manuals for KEYPak.

Tools Used: Word for Windows, Word for Macintosh, XYWRITE, MacDraw, MacPaint, Cricket Draw, FoxBase.

Date: 1988

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Resource Information Systems

This company required new system documentation as well as user support and manuals. We accomplished this by:

  • Creating new system documentation using SCRIPT.
  • Maintaining and modifying existing systems and provided 24 hour user support and backup.
  • Developing new systems manual for the Trucks system.

Tools Used: IBM mainframe environment with COBOL, MarkIV, TSO and NATURAL, JCL in Workbench environment.

Date: 1987 – 1988

Location: Calgary, Alberta


SystemHouse needed a system analysis of any required changes to their systems. We did this by:

  • Analyzing and programming changes and additions to currently existing systems.

Tools Used: IBM/TSO mainframe environment using IDMS databases, COBOL, ADS ON-LINE.

Date: 1987

Location: Edmonton, Alberta