Our Clients in the Oil and Gas Industry

Our clients in the Oil and Gas industry include:


Pengrowth Canada

This Canadian oil and gas producer needed new documentation for their IT policies and Records Management. We assisted them by:

  • Conducting process capture sessions for documenting procedures required to manage the Records Management Policy. Setting up new templates for documenting procedures, forms, and policies within IT. These documents have now been adopted as the standard templates for all future procedural and policy documents.
  • Redesigning structures and organization of all IT policies and procedures. Setting standards for styles, layout, hyperlinks, and structure.
  • Rewriting all critical IT policies to conform with new approved structure and organization. Taking these documents through our standardized documentation review cycle, and training personnel on their roles and responsibilities during each stage.
  • Developing a series of graphical IT collaboration diagrams for distribution to the general organization.
  • Setting up, organizing, and documenting best practices in documentation and documentation life-cycles for internal use within IT.

Date: 2010 – 2011

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Alliance Pipeline

Alliance Pipeline – Desktop Support group identified a need to document their help desk procedures, both to address current training needs, as well as to ensure capture of business critical processes and procedures, especially due to Alliance’s rapid growth. We provided this new documentation by:

  • Conducting information gathering worksessions with technical experts to identify key support procedures requiring documentation. Building business process flows, and classification schema of critical information.
  • Designing, developing and delivering a Robohelp system that documented all their key support tasks and processes. Developing easy-to-use navigational systems for finding content quickly. Closely tracking and reporting the research/writing/review/edit/production process of over 200 topics and procedures.
  • Providing a training system to train internal staff in the support and ongoing maintenance of this information system.

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Visio, Robohelp, Adobe Fireworks, Microsoft Excel.

Date: 2006 – 2007

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Kayden Industries

Kayden Industries needed a new corporate website with detailed product information on their industrial strength centrifuges. We assisted them by:

  • Researching and collecting all relevant information. Integrating information with Kayden products, and producing detailed content describing products and industry.
  • Developing a website that detailed each model, its features, and technical specifications. Including drop-down menus to key topics, and graphics describing the centrifuge process.
  • Developing cross-links between related topics and including user-friendly navigation.

Tools used: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator.

Date: 2004

Location: Calgary, Alberta

TransCanada Pipelines

We assisted TransCanada Pipelines with various technical documents. These include:

  • Developing project plan for producing the documentation for NOMS (Nominations System).
  • Designing, editing, and producing the New Gas Manual.
  • Designing and writing the Proration User’s Guide.
  • Conducting a requirements analysis of their technical architecture project.

Tools used: Adobe Framemaker, Visio, Adobe Acrobat Suite.

Date: 1996 – 1998

Location: Calgary, Alberta


Shell Canada

At Shell Canada, we were asked to completely update and rewrite their business-critical Shell Drilling Engineering manual. During this project we completed many tasks including:

  • Conducting an extensive Design and Business Analysis in preparation for the development of the Shell Drilling Engineering manual.
  • Working closely with a team of senior engineers to collect, verify, and write technical information.
  • Producing detailed Table of Contents (TOC) and proposal for action based on our comprehensive analysis.
  • Researching, editing, and writing a 1000 page Drilling Engineering Manual which is still in use today.
  • Coordinating and managing the information gathering and writing process between our team of writers and Shell engineers.

Tools used: RoboHelp, Microsoft Word, LMS, Visio, Microsoft Excel.

Date: 1997-1998

Location: Calgary, Alberta

PanCanadian Petroleum

PanCanadian Petroleum required a online help system to complement their new Finstrat Accounting software. We assisted them by:

  • Designing and producing an innovative online help system for the Finstrat Accounting software rollout.
  • Assisting in the design of the Learning Management System (LMS) training module, and designing the integration between LMS and Finstrat Online Help.
  • Producing and editing documentation for the LMS modules and accompanying online help system.

Tools used: Microsoft Word, Adobe Framemaker, Adobe Acrobat, Visio.

Date: 1997-1998

Location: Calgary, Alberta

NOVA Corporation

To develop an Online Help System for the Tariffs and Documents Service of the NrG Highway, we completed many tasks including:

  • Evaluating, designing, and programming the Online help for the Tariffs and Documents Service of the NrG Highway.
  • Delivering an innovative and new presentation methodology for the online documentation to mitigate the complex nature of the tariffs information. This system established new standards for future help systems in NrG.
  • Providing comprehensive training for maintaining the online help and system to TransCanada staff. Deliverables included detailed training material and hands-on exercises.

Tools used: RoboHelp, Word for Windows, PaintBrush, Microsoft Powerpoint.

Date: 1994-1995

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Home Oil

At Home Oil, we worked closely with Payroll and Employee Relations groups in:

  • Designing, developing, programming and maintaining software systems for these two departments.
  • Managing user contact and follow up for the Payroll and Employee Relations departments.

Tools used: IBM and AMDHAL mainframe systems with IDMS relational databases, PL1, COBOL, ROSCOE, ADS ON-LINE FOCUS, TELAGRAF.

Date: 1984 – 1987

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Amoco Canada

Amoco Canada required assistance modifying a variety of their software programs and the necessary supporting documentation. We did this by:

  • Evaluating, modifying, and enhancing BEEP (Basic Economic Evaluation Program) and creating supporting user documentation.
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining PL1/DMS online software systems.
  • Developing and maintaining FORTRAN, MARKIV, and PL1 programs and software systems for economic applications and production systems.

Tools used: IBM 3081 mainframe system, PL1, FORTRAN, MARKIV

Date: 1981 – 1983

Location: Calgary, Alberta