Documenting Business Processes

Why Should You Document Business Processes?


Have you ever wondered why you should document your business processes, methodologies, and tools? Do you wonder why everyone does the same task in different ways? Do you find yourself saying, “We are just too busy to document business processes!”

Our information analysis process often delivers possible improvements to your existing processes, as well as serving to document the key business processes involved in your work.

By taking the time to document existing processes, you can:

  • Make it easier and more efficient to train new employees.
  • Your employees can learn from the past and “come up to speed” much faster.
  • Ensure everyone is consistently using the same, most efficient, workflow for each activity.
  • Identify inefficiencies in your workflow.
  • Prevent “re-inventing the wheel” for each project or activity.
  • Preserve the knowledge and intellectual property developed by your company.