Cropping an Illustrator Image to Include Just a Portion of Your Art

Sadly, Illustrator 6.0 no longer lets you crop an image. But sometimes, all you want to do is select a portion of an image, and export it to another format for use on the web or other project. Artboards (Shift + O)  actually lets you do this in a non-destructive manner that maintains the entire artboard, except during export.  Think of it as a non-destructive crop. Here are a few alternative methods that you can use to save some time. I just  love  shortcuts.

Even better you can define multiple andoverlapping artboards to create different outputs from the same artwork.

  1. Press Shift+O to bring up the Artboard dialog box.
  2. Drag and resize the artboard, and then position it over your artwork as desired.
  3. Choose File > Save for Web.
  4. Select the file format you want
  5. Check the Use Artboards option.
  6. Select the Range Option and enter the Artboard number you want touse.
  7. Click Export.

This works as a non-destructive crop since you aren’t cropping  all the artwork, but instead identifying your output area.

 To fit the Artboard to Just the Objects on Your Picture

  1.  Select the desired objects.
  2. Choose Object > Artboards > Fit to Selected Art.
  3. Click CTRL+ALT+SHIFT to open the Save for Web dialog box.
  4. Click Export.
  5. CTRL+Z to undo the fit! Hurrah!

Alternatively, if you want to export just a select group of items in illustrator

  1. Select the objects you want to export.
  2. Hit CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+3 (windows) or COMMAND+OPTION+SHIFT+3 (Mac) to hide everything that is NOT selected.
  3. Choose File > Save for Web.
  4. Select the file format you want.
  5. Click Export. 
  6. Return to your Artboard and choose CTRL+ALT+ 3 (windows) or COMMAND+OPTION+3 (Mac) to show everything again.

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